Ten-ten: How do you like to say it? "Tick-tock-tick-tock," or "Ten-ten-ten-ten"?
Peop1e & Machnie0s: People forget, and the machines remember.
Qassatduka: I meant you, everywhere.
deSalaf: Can anyone lend me a smile?
Ya Fouady: "O my heart, O my heart, do not ask where the passion is... It was a palace of fanciful imagination..."
"And he's still dancing alone, like he's a melody on the radio..."
"I quarreled, not wanting to limp, but to knock on the door of relief..."
بالعلم ترتفع المراتب منزلًا: With learning, ranks raise.
Meaning, "And rise with determination, for one is inevitably incapable..."
وماء كماء الذهب، وذهب ذهب مع الماء

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