Harfoush, Hossam​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Hossam Harfoush is a graphic design student at the American University in Cairo, enthusiast, and freelancer, who has been visualizing his thoughts since the sixth grade, and debuted his career at the age of fourteen. Here is a short story of a kid who fell for the geometric shapes, colors, and was always fond of the fonts.
Street ads, musical posters, and TV commercials always drew my attention. “How were these things made?” has never left my mind. I started “investigating” by browsing the web, mainly by asking Google my curious questions, and by playing with Microsoft’s Paint program. I created silly things for a lot of time. Subsequently, I knew about Adobe Creative Suite, and after watching some tutorials on the web, I immediately started using it. Bit by bit, I started to create less-silly work; I started creating some meaningful artworks, participated in some of the town’s art galleries–even as an organizer, and published my work through the different online platforms. By time, my knowledge started to grow, and I have started to catch a glimpse of my own vision.
2011 was a turning point in my life, as one day an interesting advertising agency in my hometown, Mansoura, contacted me to work with them. When I heard, “Hello, is it Mr. Hossam?” I was supremely surprised; I was just 14 years old. I went to the interview, and they got shocked as well—as they expected an older Hossam. However, after a two-week “training” period, they approved, or announced, me to be their youngest intern ever, and I interned there for a six-month period in two consecutive years. During this period, I have gained a lot of experience about art, graphic design, and advertising. One year later, I interned as a graphic designer at a multicultural educational center called Alternative Education, where I started to know more about graphic design theories, liberal arts, and education.
Since that time, I have received some offers to move to Cairo and intern for different companies but I wanted to focus on my high school senior studies. However, the graphic design took a huge part of my life. I always wanted to know more about it. As a result, I insisted on studying graphic design in an environment where engineering and medicine have won the first priorities among students, and more importantly, parents. I had to fight for graphic design, and my reward for winning that fight was receiving the Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship at the American University in Cairo, where I am currently majoring in graphic design. One year after joining college, I got a summer-internship in one of the biggest Middle East social media firms, Kijamii, where I acquired more experience in the design field, and more knowledge about digital media, and the social media world.
A story of a kid who always loved the shapes, lines, and colors. A story of a teenager who was passionate about, and good in nothing but graphic design. A story of a rising designer who’s always chasing knowledge. Sounds like a movie trailer, yeah? No? How was that?