The Meaning of the Words in the Journey of Reviving the Assemblies
This is the first part of Hossam's graduation project that sheds the light on the powerful bond between the golden age of Islam’s rich history and a genuinely brilliant masterpiece—Assemblies of Al Hariri. In the journey of modernizing the Assemblies of Al Hariri, after studying the political, socioeconomic, and cultural life at the Abbasid age, the result is three 170x140 centimeters cloth-hangings, a book that explains the designer’s journey, and postcards giveaways. They represent how the Abbasids rightly used grid theories, carefully chosen their calligraphy, and wonderfully crafted illustrative miniatures. Al-Hariri’s masterpiece, whether literary or visually, was a great reflection of the golden Islamic age’s innovations, that all started by a revolution. This is the publication, or the 84-page book; that includes the whole journey.

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