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Umm Kulthum x TYPE
Umm Kolthoum ft. TYPE is a personal project—just dedicated for the love of Umm Kolthoum, the Arab music legend. Enta Omri (You’re My Life) Poster was included in the “Huroof” Graphic Design from the Middle East: Explorations in Contemporary Typography Posters Show, Dubai Art Book Fair.
October, 2018
Typography, Print Design, Art Direction
Hérmina Properties
Hérmina Properties is a real-estate Egyptian company with the main focus on investing, growing up, and fast. A project I have been working on recently starting September 2018.
October, 2018
Branding, Art Direction
Artitecture Magazine
Artitecture is a Publication class project. The aim of the project was to design and produce a magazine layout in a certain topic of the student’s choice.
March, 2018
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Typography
Kanafani's Masterpieces
Kanafani’s Masterpieces” is a Publication class project that features a special edition of Ghassan Kanafani's bestsellers.
February, 2018
Art Direction, Typography, Editorial Design
“Calend-mark” is Typography II class project, where students are expected to create and produce a calendar in any size, shape, or format. My project concept was a pack of 12 bookmarks that contain abstract illustrations, a monthly view, and a motivating quote for each bookmark.
June, 2017
Illustration, Graphic Design, Typography
Never Give Up on Egypt
We'll never give up on Egypt!
February, 2013
Print Design, Retouching
Helvetica Is
"Helvetica is" is a “Typography I” class-project where students have to pick a leading type designer and create a poster inspired by his fonts, or style — and/or about him. Max Miedinger was my choice as I am madly in love with his Helvetica. I wanted to create a simple, modern, and typography-occupied poster-series featuring funny quotes about his typeface that has raised many controversies over the modern design age.
March, 2017
Art Direction, Typography, Graphic Design
Arabic Alphabet
Arabic Alphabet is a "Typography I" class-project created by Hossam Harfoush, and supervised by Ghalia El Srakbi, in Fall 2016. The project is basically about 3D-izing the Arabic Nashkh letters using plastic pins and thread only. The final product is an A2-sized poster that contains the whole Arabic alphabet.
December, 2016
Photography, Typography
Logofolio v.2.0 [Black Edition]
Take II: A collection of my favorite logos that I designed in the last period.
April, 2018
Art Direction, Branding
Logofolio v.1.0
A collection of my favorite logos that I designed in the last period.
February, 2017
Art Direction, Branding
Maths is Love
Maths, referring to Mathematics — that originated from Greek μάθημα, máthēma, “knowledge, study, learning” is the study of topics such as numbers, structure, space, and change — and not to other affiliates, such as Modular Air Transportable Hospital, or Mental Abuse to Humans, was my favorite subject at high school. Based on that previous long sentence, and also the fact that I loved to escape from my studies a lot through practicing graphic designing, this projected was created in late 2014, and got updated in 2017 when I knew more about layout and typography, and especially the grid theory. “Maths is Love” is a series of four abstract, minimal, and geometrical-shaped posters featuring the four basic mathematical processes — adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing — in a direct connection to the geometric-shaped heart icon.
April, 2017
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
Logonation is a logo compilation with logos from 13 brilliant artists.
July, 2014
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design